Departments Mining and Mineral Resources

Mining and Mineral Resources

The Department of Mining and Mineral Resources is starting its academic adventure by offering Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Mining Engineering. The department intends to serve as a platform to provide the right combination of qualifications and skills to address fundamental problems and overcome core issues impeding the development of the mining industry.

Eligibility / Admission Criteria


Candidates seeking admission must have a bachelor’s degree (16 years of education) with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 OR 55% marks (percentage will only be considered if CGPA is not mentioned on the transcript) in Mining Engineering / Mineral Resource Engineering / Geological Engineering / Geoscience or Geo-technical Engineering / Metallurgical and Materials Engineering / Civil Engineering / BS Geology or an equivalent and relevant degree from a recognized University.


For direct admission in PhD program, in addition to the eligibility criteria set by the NUST and HEC, the admission committee will review the admission on a case-to-case basis to reach a final decision.

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Head of Department Message

Dr. Hamid Ashraf Yousafzai

Due to the rapid global transition to heavily mineral-intensive low-carbon technologies, more mining will need to be conducted in a safe, green, and climate-smart manner as a solution to combat climate change. Through well-structured and committed postgraduate education and research, our goal is to provide industry-essential knowledge for generating new insights and strengthening problem-solving and solution-finding capabilities. Our curriculum is designed in a way that enables students to identify and resolve real-world mining engineering problems. With all my heart, I welcome prospective students, academic/research collaborators, mining corporations and other interested parties to visit our department.

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Our vision is to extend innovation and research competitiveness in mining engineering at the national and international levels, which promotes the development of a sustainable global society.

Through our continual efforts to deliver high-quality education and advance influential research, we strive to produce technically competent mining professionals who can play an active role in the industry and meeting the current and future demands of the global society by developing and implementing modern technologies for sustainable development of mineral resources.

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