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About NUST Balochistan Campus (NBC) Quetta

The concept of establishing NBC is to help the Government of Balochistan in the development of human resources by producing a quality workforce in the fields of engineering and sciences. The project was initiated under the auspices of the Chief Minister of Balochistan and Chief of Army Staff to establish a federal footprint in the provincial educational landscape to assure the people of Balochistan of national support in their socio-economic development.

NBC Adventure Club

NUST Balochistan Balochistan Campus (NBC) Quetta Adventure Club aims to promote outdoor activities, adventure sports, and exploration among students. The club organizes...

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NBC Environment Club

NUST Balochistan Campus Environment Club is a student club dedicated to promoting environmental awareness, conservation, and sustainability at the NUST Balochistan Campus...

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NBC Dramatics & Media Club

NUST Balochistan Campus Dramatics & Media Club is a student  clubs, it is a club dedicated to promoting and exploring various aspects...

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NBC Sports Club

NUST Balochistan Campus Sports Club is a student Club  dedicated to promoting sports and physical activities among students at the NUST Balochistan...

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NBC Literary Club

NUST Balochistan Campus Literary Club is a student club  dedicated to promoting literature, language, and creative expression among students at the National...

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NBC Community Service Society

NUST Balochistan Campus Community Service Society is a student society dedicated to engaging in volunteer activities and serving the local community. The...

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NBC IT, Robotics & Data Science Club

NUST Balochistan campus IT, Robotics & Data Science Club sounds like an exciting and innovative club focused on technology and data-driven fields....

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NBC Entrepreneur Society

NUST Balochistan campus Entrepreneur Society is a platform designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit and support aspiring entrepreneurs among the students. Being a...

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Vision & Mission

To evolve NUST into a world class Centre of Excellence among Higher Education Institutions, leading the transformation of Pakistan towards a rapidly...

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