HEC E-Class

Smart Education is a concept around the transformation of the conventional way of pedagogy to contemporary methods using information and communication technologies. The Smart Classrooms strategy is a learning initiative that assists educators to make ICT integral to learning. The strategy is about engaging the digital generation, improving individualized learning opportunities, sparking innovation in learning, enhancing teachers’ digital pedagogy, and getting the best from the ICT investments.

The overall scope of the program is to have smart classroom facilities at NUST (SEECS- Main Classroom) (NBC-Branch Classroom). The live and interactive smart classrooms are expected to provide required faculty sharing along with e-learning and VDI facilities to the Main and branch sites. The planned Platforms are also expected to fortify distance and blended learning in selected universities. The facility will be utilized by students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels to get access to quality faculty which will ultimately help the institution improve the standards of education. Moreover, the project will also support the National Academy for Higher Education of HEC in faculty development programs virtually across the universities of Pakistan.

The establishment of a Smart Classroom setup can play a pivotal role to enhance students – teachers interaction through interactive online & distance learning, bridge the gap of good faculty, meet the shortage of faculty members at the universities/ campuses located in far-flung areas and ultimately uplifting the standard of education across the board.