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Computer Science

The Department of Computer science aims to thoroughly prepare students for their future careers in industry or research. This is accomplished by giving them exposure to relevant hardware and software techniques. Courses are continually reviewed to ensure that important emerging technologies are covered and that our students remain ahead of the innovation curve. Internship opportunities are also provided so that students can apply what they learn in a real work environment.

Head of Department Message

Dr Imran Usman

Today, we find that information technology has become overwhelmingly pervasive, while its parent, computing science, has become correspondingly hard to find. While many CS educational institutions have shifted focus from core CS and become speciality providers for the IT industry, or else please permit me to say these mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, a few institutions continue to emphasis the pristine science underlying the diverse aspects of computing. This is the single most important attribute of the education offered here. Department of Computer Science at NBC Quetta has remained true to the vision on which it was founded. There are several ways to present the canonical core of computer science. Over the years we have developed a distinct style and method that bridges the theory - practice divide while remaining grounded in the core. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of computing, whereas the science, if it changes at all, does so much more gradually. Our understanding is that persons who are clear and thorough about the fundamentals can adapt to rapid changes in technology relatively easily. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a life time of learning.

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Department of Computer Science envisions to become an internationally renowned center of
education and research in the field of Computing

Our mission is to prepare students as computer scientists with high quality and well-rounded
education in the field of computing, which would assist them to further their ambitions in
computer science research and/or apply sound principles and methods to the development and
maintenance of high-quality software. Graduates of this program will be suitable to take
positions in research, academia, and software industry and organizations, or pursue higher
education and research in related disciplines.

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