A graduate in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan Navy Engineering College with distinction in 1985, then affiliated with NED University, Karachi. Dr Nassar obtained his Weapon Engineering from UK in 1989 with distinction. He obtained Masters in Electronics Systems Engineering from Cranfield University, UK in 1995 winning the best student award.  He obtained his PhD in information Security / Cryptology from Bradford University, UK in 1999 during which, his 2 papers won the best IEEE paper wards in US.  He is also a graduate of National Defence University Pakistan in National Security and War Studies.
An active researcher, Dr Nassar has 83 publications in international refereed Journals and Conferences and 3 book chapters. He won the HEC Best University Teacher award in 2002.  He has supervised several PhD and MS theses. He established and led Research and Development complex in a strategic organization for 11 years. He developed / co-developed and commercialized diversified product range that includes a host of Crypto products, encryption algorithms, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) including Hardware Security Module, tracking and monitoring devices, surveillance / COMMINT products, IT / Network security devices, various software applications, to name a few.  All of these products are in active service with various organizations, both in Pakistan as well as in other countries.  He has rich experience of IT security product testing / evaluation and led the team that authored Pakistan National Security Standard for testing of Crypto and IT products for Government of Pakistan.  He represents Pakistan in Asiacrypt and IT Security Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).  He has also won President Technology Medal for 2015.  In recognition of his meritorious military service, he has also been awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) and Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military).
In his current role of Pro-Rector for research, innovation and commercialisation, Dr Nassar is committed to promoting NUST profile as a third-generation university promoting innovation and technology transfer to the industry. He aims to build strong internal and external relationships and a positive public profile that supports University’s mission to be one of the most innovative and research-active university.