Events Prize Distribution Ceremony NBC Sports Gala and E-gaming Closing Ceremony

Prize Distribution Ceremony NBC Sports Gala and E-gaming Closing Ceremony

The NBC Sports Gala, Coding, and E-gaming Closing Ceremony marked the conclusion of weeks of intense competition across various sports, coding challenges, and e-gaming tournaments. Athletes from Handball, Tug of War, Cricket, Futsal, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Marathon, Snooker, Chess, Ludo, and E-gaming, along with coding enthusiasts, gathered for one last celebration of their achievements. During the ceremony, athletes and coders were honored for their exceptional performances, receiving medals, trophies, and certificates. Special recognition was given to coaches, organizers, and volunteers whose dedication contributed to the success of the gala.


The winners were as follows:


In the Handball category, BATCH-2023 secured 1st place for girls, while CS-2022 claimed the top spot for boys.

In Tug of War, BATCH-2022 emerged victorious in the girls’ category, while CS-2022 secured 1st place for boys.

In Cricket, CE-2020 secured 1st place.

In Futsal, CE-2023 took the 1st spot.

In Volleyball, CE-2020 claimed 1st place in the boys’ category.

In Table Tennis, Heena Ikram won the Women’s category, while Umair Ali emerged victorious in the boys’ category.

In the Marathon, Umair Ali won 1st place.

In Snooker, Taymoor Khalid claimed 1st place.

In Chess, Yahya Iqbal took 1st place.

In Ludo, Abdul Rehman and Yasin Baloch secured 1st place.

The coding competition, which attracted talented programmers from across the campus, showcased innovative solutions and creative problem-solving. The winners for the coding competition were:


  1. Arsalan (CS-2020)
  2. Jamal (CS-2021)
  3. Jawad and Hamza (CS-2022)
  4. Syed M. Khizar (CS-2023)

The e-gaming competition, organized by the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence club, added an extra layer of excitement to the gala. The winners for the e-gaming were:

In TEKKEN, Muhammad Huzaifa Bin Haidar secured 1st place.

In PUB-G, the winners were Muneeb, Waleed, Yasir, and Ahmed (CE-2022).

In OPENSPADES, the winners were from CS-2020.

For COUNTER STRIKE, the winners were Zain, Talha, Nauman, and Taha.

In NEED FOR SPEED, Taymoor Khalid claimed 1st place.

In FIFA-19, Muhammad Arslan secured 1st place.

Overall, the NBC Sports Gala, Coding, and E-gaming Closing Ceremony 2024 was a resounding success, with participants demonstrating their sportsmanship, coding skills, and competitive spirit. Congratulations to all the winners!


Prize Distribution – Data Science and Robotics Society Presents: Inter-Departmental Coding and E-Gaming Competition

May 6,2024 - 6, 2024