Inter department cricket tournament

An inter-department cricket tournament is a great way to promote teamwork and healthy competition within an organisation. Such events bring employees from different departments together to compete against each other in a friendly and fun environment. The tournament provides an opportunity for employees to showcase their cricketing skills while also providing a break from the monotony of work. Additionally, it can foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues who may not have interacted much before, leading to stronger work relationships. Overall, an inter-department cricket tournament can have a positive impact on team dynamics and boost morale within the workplace.



NBC Sports Gala 2019

NBC sports 1 NBC sports 2

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body i.e., the healthier the human body, the faster the brain works. As the proverb goes,” A healthy body is equal to a thousand boons.” The future of a nation is largely dependent on its healthy youth (especially students) and provision of such fora whereby the young are enabled to stay physically and mentally fit. The role of educational institutions is very important in this regard.

At NBC, the implementation of a wholesome policy helps shape students personalities and careers in a more efficient manner. Students are, therefore, encouraged to participate in various sports competitions held as a regular feature of the campus life.

NBC sports gala was held in Novemeber 2019 in which students participated actively in the games such cricket, volleyball and table-tennis etc.